Dr. Buzz's String Dressing is specially formulated to lubricate, clean, and protect all metallic strings.

Oxidation and mechanical wear eventually affect the sound quality and playability of most conventional strings. During routine use, salts, water, and organic acids from finger contact can lead to the build-up of oxidation by-products. These oxides restrict the mechanical vibration of windings, leading to what many musicians recognize as "dead strings."

Dr. Buzz has found a cure: it's a way to protect a string and to prolong its useful life. Using a unique, proprietary surface chemistry, Dr. Buzz's String Dressing arrests the oxidation process and lubricates the metallic interfaces to keep the music alive!

Each kit includes a polyconTM container (for easy storage in your guitar case) with five pre-moistened pads, and a polishing cloth (each pad can be used for multiple applications and should be discarded when soiled).

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